Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pay It Forward: March Lucky Goodness

Hi there! At the beginning of the year, I read several Facebook and blog posts about random acts of kindness to "pay it forward." My initial thought was that I'd love to participate as someone paying it forward.

Welp, with spring near, and Zen in mind, paying it forward starts now. I'd like to start living a simpler life with less "things" and more space. I started clearing out my craft supplies collection first, since that seems to take up the most space (next to my overflowing closet). I've accumulated so much unused or lightly used supplies that I don't see myself using in the near future, so instead of boxing it all away into storage, I'd like to pay it forward.

Here's what I'm thinking: Tell me how you store your stamp supplies by commenting on this post.  Feel free to even share a link to a blog post about your stamp storage solution in your comment so that I may learn from you.

Here's how it'll work: I will randomly select a commenter on St. Patty's Day (March 17th, noon ET), and post the name of the randomly selected commenter on my blog. The randomly selected commenter will need to email me their name and shipping address. I will put together a package of at least seven brand new and lightly used supply items ranging from clear stamps to embellishments and ship it out via USPS. Because I love connecting with folks all over the world, I'd be more than happy to ship internationally too. So this is open to anyone in the world with a physical mailing address. Shipping is on me!

The package received by the randomly selected commenter will contain at least seven items. The photo below is only a representation of the goodies in my "pay it forward" stash and may not include the items shown here.

What else? All I ask in return is that the randomly selected commenter enjoy the supplies, give them a new home, and make something incredible with them to brighten someone else's day. And of course, I thank them for helping me towards clutter-free living.

Thanks for stopping by!
- KRAFTY pearl


  1. what a great idea, i give away so much, but i never thought about giving craft supplies....almost seemed sacrilegious....but you're making me think about that in a new light, thanks for that. anyway, i have a cabinet that i store all my stamps in and an old disc organizer that i store the ink in

  2. I love doing pay it forward things! How generous of you to give all that away! I like to store certain clear sets in a tupperware bin standing up, but I am always looking for a better idea since the packaging always tears. I have a lot of wood mount in a multi-tiered, rustic looking, tea cake tray. I love that! Thank you too for visiting my blog and commenting recently!!!!!

  3. How sweet of your to share your overflow with us! I have a bunch of organizers, from clip it ups to plastic bins, but the fact of the matter is that I am rather a mess....I work in layers and have a hard time making myself put things away. As luck would have it though, I don't have a dedicated craft space - I work in the dining room, so whenever we entertain, I have to clean up.....which is what keeps things from getting totally out of control....

  4. What a great idea! Found your blog thru ME =) I'm not too terribly organized I have them all in 2 photo boxes. One is for my Stampin' Up stamps and the other for everything else...though I'm may need some new boxes =)

  5. What a generous and fun idea! I am all about organizing on the cheap... my stamp and tool bins are most often from the $ store or rinsed-out greens containers. I do have a couple of awesome storage units my husb has bought me over the years for paper and my inks.

  6. I love this idea- who would have thought of paying it forward with crafts supplies! I organize my stamps in old shoe boxes that I redecorate with pretty scrapbook paper and label them with chalk tags.