Wednesday, April 20, 2011

More Than a Picture Frame

I totally love the KaiserCraft BTP line. Inspired by my guy, I created this keepsake for us with the KaiserCraft BTP MDF 9-frame photo display. This display frame is unlike the others because the back board and the frame comes in two separate pieces making it so easy to cut papers to fit in or to paint the openings! I like that their products are a blank slate and you can personalize it and make it your own however which way you wish! I also love the accompanying KaiserCraft KaiserColor acrylic paints that coat the MDF so well.


Used: KaiserCraft Beyond The Page 9-frame photo display; KaiserColour acrylic paint in gold, slate, white; KaiserCraft, Echo Park and Jillibean Soup pattern papers; Bazzill dotted Swiss cardstock; Martha Stewart and EK Success punches; Crayola air-dry clay; Bic Mark-it markers; Me & My Big Ideas and Heidi Swap rhinestones; Mod Podge (my trusty pal!), Recollections pearls; M&J Trimming sequins

About this project:
  • Painted the top in gold (KaiserCraft KaiserColour in gold) very light-handed with KaiserCraft fine flat brush. Applied about 3 coats for full coverage, allowing a couple of minutes drying time between each coat.

  • Painted the sides of the frame in white (KaiserCraft KaiserColour in white) with a KaiserCraft fine flat brush. Applied about 5 layers, letting a couple of minutes drying time between each coat.

  • Mod Podge is ALL over this project as an awesome adhesive and sealant for MDF.

  • Once all the paint and pieces were adhered exactly where I wanted it to appear, using the frame as an overlay guide, I used more Mod Podge to glue the frame to the back board. To keep the frame tightly adhered to the back board as its drying, cut small strips of wax paper and use medium sized binder clips to grip the corners and sides. The wax paper will keep the clips from leaving marks on your painted frame.

  • For long-winded MDF painting tips, refer to my last post!
Here's a more detailed look at what's going on starting top, across, and down each row!

Box 1: Painted KaiserCraft wood flourish label holder using a cheap chip brush to apply 3-4 coats of gold acrylic paint, letting each coat to dry a couple of minutes each. Cut a 6 1/4" x 1" piece of pattern paper and punch a border.
Used: Echo Park sticker, KaiserCraft wood flourish label holder, KaiserCraft KaiserColour acrylic paint in gold; Me & My Big Ideas and Heidi Swapp bling, KaiserCraft and Echo Park pattern paper, Martha Stewart punch

Box 2: Just cut paper in about 3 1/4" x 4 1/4" rectangles, and the frame will fill in the gaps.
Tip: Just cut doily in half. Because the Kaisercraft comes in two pieces, you can just put half a doily under the frame and glue the frame down. There's no need to cut the doily in fours to appear perfectly aligned in the box 2 and 3. I loved this display tray for this very reason!
Used: Jillibean Soup pattern paper, Echo Park number stickers, Me & My Big Ideas bling

Box 3: Cut polka dot paper into a thin strip to appear like a ribbon.
Used: Bazzill dotted Swiss cardstock, Echo Park letter stickers, Echo Park pattern paper

Box 4 and 5: To unify the two boxes and create a single scene, I Mod Podged a punched heart and glue dotted it to the frame. (It's ok to think outside of the frame!)
Used: Southworth fine linen paper, KaiserCraft and Echo Park pattern paper, Martha Stewart punches, Recollections pearls, Bic Mark-it markers, M&J Trimming sequins

Box 6: 4x6 photo split into two using Photoshop where 75% is my guy and I and 25% is of the gorgeous fluffy clouds of Hawaii.
Tip: By breaking up the photo in this ratio, it also visually broke up the repetitive frame. You can try other ratios if you want to create more "frames" without actual frames!

Box 7:


This is one of my favorite 'technique' areas on the display. I was learning pottery when I first met my guy... so it was a part of our story. I really wanted to mimic the look of a ceramic piece without actually having to create a piece for the display for several reasons... no access to a kiln any more... the piece would be heavy and difficult to secure to the tray... And so, after some research I decided that I can very easily recreate the ceramic look with just simple non-toxic Crayola air-dry clay! It's light and fluffy... easy to knead and shape. Totally love it!
Used: KaiserCraft pattern paper, Echo Park sticker, Crayola air-dry clay

Box 8 and 9:


Before adhering the frame to the back board, I painted these areas using KaiserColour in slate. Two coats of paint was plenty because it's a dark and opaque color. I then printed a meaningful term to us and adhered it directly to the paint. What is "hppiness"? I'll explain more when I discuss word art, so look forward to that post in a few weeks!
Tip: Painter's tape will help keep color where you want it, so don't paint without it!
Used: Me & My Big Ideas bling, Recollections pearls, EK Success punch, Southworth linen paper

This really is more than a picture frame and will be an everlasting keepsake. What do you think?

Thanks for stopping by!
- KRAFTY pearl


  1. This is seriously awesome! You are so super-creative!

  2. This super so much more to do then just stick pictures in sections Thanks again, Great talent,,Cookie in Va.