Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The National Stationery Show & Vine

I had the pleasure of going to the National Stationery Show this weekend in NYC. Thank you, Krys. And inspired by Etsy's fine Vine motion pictures, I used Vine to quickly capture the day. It is a huge convention and the 6 seconds doesn't nearly capture any of it, but here you go:

I'm so in love with all the letterpress goodness, innovative calendars, and heavy duty stamps from the various vendors. It's totally worth checking out. But remember to wear comfy shoes and bring a tote for all the business card and sample collecting, if you're a serious buyer.

Now a little bit about how I became inspired by Etsy's Vine films. All I had to do was watch these and I saw exactly how creative and beautiful a Vine video can be. It's amazing and I can only imagine how much work and painstaking detail was put into each of these. How could I not be inspired?

Happy scissors, happy confetti!

I wish my supplies would clean themselves up too!
Plus, don't forget, Etsy's Craft Party 2013 is June 20th.

Who knew color pencils could be so much fun!?

Have you been inspired?

Thanks for stopping by!
- KRAFTY pearl

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