Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Yummy Brookies & Perfect Kraft Goodie Boxes

What is a brookie? Well, brookies are the best combination of sweet yummy goodness that has a delicious crisp cookie aroma with a softy and gooey chewy brownie center!

brookie = brownie + cookie!
blog 1 - brookies up close

I had clipped the Clinton Street Baking Company's brookie recipe back in November last year from Daily Candy. I then pulled it out during Christmas weekend and gave it a go with my very special someone...because it just seemed so appropriate to have cookies, or shall I say brookies, out for Santa.

The recipe is quite simple which is why it first made the cut into my recipe clippings pile. (I don't have a lot of time so I like simple!) I've always wanted to bake but it wasn't until that eventful evening that I decided (with much encouragement and support) to give the baking thing a try. Since then, I've been perfecting the recipe as well as making small adjustments to make it just right for my own personal taste.

And so this past weekend, I decided to bake these sweet treats as a big big thank you to a very special someone's very generous sister. I picked up the Martha Stewart Goodie Box Combo kit a few months ago waiting for the perfect occasion to use them! Here's the finished product:

blog 2 - brookies thank you gift

The kit is awesome because it comes with everything you would need to package all your small sweet treats - boxes, label stickers, ribbons, tissue paper, and baker's twine.

blog 3 - martha stewart goodie box combo kit kraft

I decided to top off the box with a pretty fuschia 1" ribbon to match the colors of the accompanying card I made. I love Kate's Paperie satin ribbons for their selection of vibrant jewel tones and various widths!

I even had enough from the brookie batch to spread the sweet goodness to a friend celebrating her 21st birthday :) and a neighbor 'just because'. I presented them in another box size in the kit and finished it off with baker's twine and a label sticker used here as a seal:

blog 4 - brookie box size 2

So whaddaya think?

- KRAFTY pearl


  1. They look delicious and wicked! Must get that recipe!
    Love the boxes

  2. I love the boxes! I need to do something special soon. I might try this!

  3. very sweet, i love everything kraft!

  4. They look delicious in and out of the boxes. What a fun little gift. Now I have to go check out the recipe.