Saturday, January 7, 2012

Make Your Own Photobooth & Props

Happy weekend! Photobooth-style photos, mustache props, and bow-tie props are all the rage these days. But you don't need to go to a photobooth to get that style. Today I'll be sharing two tips in one! And I bet you will have so much fun giving this a try this weekend!

Materials Used: Kaisercraft On The Move Cylinders; Other: skewers, glue dots

Make Your Own Mustache & Bow-tie Props

You'll need:
  • colorful pattern paper
  • skewers
  • glue dots
  • scoring tool
  • a good doodling hand
  • pencil + eraser

  1. Score and fold your pattern paper in half
  2. Following a similar doodling pattern as the above, use a pencil to draw the shapes right next to the fold
  3. Cut the shapes and unfold the paper to get a perfectly symmetrical mustache or bow-tie
  4. Stick to skewers with glue dots
Make Your Own Photobooth

You'll need:
  • camera with timer + flash + tripod
  • a clean background
  • don't forget your props!
  • photo/image editing software
  1. Set up your camera, timer, flash, and tripod to face about 4 feet away from your blank wall
  2. Click your timer and any continuous snap features you may have
  3. Stand in front of your blank wall and let the camera snap you in funny poses
  4. Once you have your photos, just create a stacked strip of images using any editing software
Now go on, have fun and be silly!

I have also been playing around a lot with Incredibooth for the iPhone which creates photobooth style pictures for you automatically! (Thanks, Wynne!)

Speaking of which, let me share my fave iPhone photo apps:
  • Hipstamatic - (app here, more details here)
  • Incredibooth - (app here, more details here)
  • Instagram - (app here, more details here)
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and playing with some of the above apps!

Thanks for stopping by!
- KRAFTY pearl